Global Product

Beyer Medical stands for innovative product with an international reach, which, due to their properties, should be easily available anywhere in the world.
Soon, residents of 46 countries will benefit from the beneficial effects of the Beyer Medical formula.

Based on analysis and research, it was found that many of the natural ingredients used to make Beyer Medical can effectively protect the human body from such viral pathogens as:

  • coronavirus
  • dengue virus
  • enterovirus 71
  • hepatitis B and C virus
  • Herpes simplex virus
  • influenza virus
  • measles virus
  • RSV respiratory virus

A sales hit under your brand

This innovative formula that protects against bacteria and viruses could become one of our business partners’ flagship products. Each of them has the opportunity to create their own brand from Beyer Medical products, and thus take care of the health of their customers. Beyer Medical is an unrivaled health-promoting product that will make people safer and healthier. That is why we offer our partners the opportunity of introducing the innovative Beyer Medical formula under the own brand of their store/enterprise or as a completely new brand.

We handle orders comprehensively with due diligence. The uniqueness of Beyer Medical, its advanced production methods, the meticulously elaborated recipe, and the high quality of the products prepared by us ensure that the new private label product will win the trust of a wide range of customers.

Private label a must have for store shelves


Order over 10000 packs and launch a private Beyer Medical label.

Free product packaging design:

  • labeling
  • marking, e.g. barcodes
  • packaging
  • other

Free delivery:

After the production is finished, we will quickly and
efficiently deliver your products to the indicated place.

Ready-made promotional materials:

Along with the product you will receive information
and promotional materials about the new product.

Marketing strategy

Entering the market requires a well-prepared strategy of marketing activities. Therefore, at the first stage of product promotion, the activities necessary for their wide distribution were determined, so that the information reaches as many recipients as possible, both young people using the Internet and mature people choosing traditional media.

PR activities

Communicating the invention of the Beyer Medical formula
Interviews with originators, industry articles in national, local, and thematic media.
Ongoing communication about the events and actions of Beyer Medical.

Gum strategy:

Online Marketing Activities
Google ADS campaigns
Campaigns in Google Ad Network
VOD campaigns
Social media campaigns supported by influencer activity
depending on product type (gum, lollipop, lozenges)
Linkedin expert activities
Internet forums – whisper marketing
Viral marketing based on social media and influencers

CSR activities

Selling Beyer Medical gadgets to fight Covid or health
events for improving immunity
Participation in events
Joint campaigns with online and TV partners
Creating your own events
Cooperation with cities
Education how to care for immunity