Dragees with a delicate mint flavor

A product preferred by consumers aged +45.
Blister 8 pcs.

Mint Chewing Gum

A popular snack with a pleasant taste, eagerly bought
by customers aged 12 to 45.

BEYER MEDICAL chewing gum are available
in the following packagings:

Sachet 2 pcs.
Blister 6, 12 pcs.
Bulk bag 30 pcs.
Box 50 pcs.

Multiflavored lollipops for the youngest

A favorite treat for children from 3 years of age.
Pack 10 pcs.

  • Personalization of packaging is possible – private label.
  • The flavor range of Beyer Medical products will be expanded depending
    on the needs of consumers or at the request of business partners.